our funders & partners

Our Funders and Partners – Fiscal 2016 – 2017

Thank you to our Community Funders and Foundations, Partners and Donors who make the work of Silver Threads Service possible.
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Individual Donors

Andrew Robinson
Andy Cupido
Anne Eng
Barbara Harwood
Betty Harkins
Betty Szulc
Brenda Jarvis
Brian Blair
Carol Shields
Cathy Riley
Deborah Stoness
Donene Eve
Donna Dupas
Doug Crowder
Edna Byron
Eileen Wiedeman
Ethel O’Neil
Frieda Raab
Gae VanSiri
Hazel Bowman
Irene Davie
Jane Eng
Jeto Sangara
Jo-Anne Silverman
John Ormerod
John Peterson (Deceased)
Judith Halperin
Kathryn Bush
Kenneth Edwards (Estate)
Kerri Gibson
Lily Chu
Liz Penner
Margaret Cox
Margaret Jacobson
Marianne Eng
Mary Hoyt
Norman Tatlow
Pat Robson
Peggy Smith
Peter Boldt
Qin Reng Nong (JoJo)
Robert Edington
Ruth Lamble
Sara Pash
Sheila Nelson
Ted Newman
Tracy Ryan
Violet Jeffs
Wendy Richardson